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Like those melanoidins? Triple down!

Our Triple Melanodin malt is the perfect choice for Bocks, Scottish Ales, ESBs, Porters and a wide variety of other beers demanding that unique malty melanoidin flavor.


At 197 EBC it will give a deep purple hue to the beer.


Triple Melanoidin malt will ferment out up to 40%, giving you lots of color and flavor without being too sweet.

Malt Specifications

Moisture                   (%)             <3,5

Extract (FGDB)       (%)             >77

Color (Wort)          °EBC            180 - 200

Total Protein           (%)             10 - 10,7

Usage                    (%)             5 - 25

Diastatic Power       °L             40 < 60

Ph                                         4,8 < 5,1

Filtration time                        Normal

Clarity                                  Clear

Color / Hue                    -Deep Purple



*Malt specs subject to minor variation on a per batch basis​

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