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Raw wheat, whether flaked or crushed, is widely used today for a number of beer styles.

Traditionally the Brits used raw wheat for building up the mouthfeel in Milds, Porters and Stouts.


Raw wheat is a key feature of many Belgian beer styles, such as Lambics up to 40% and Wit (50%).


Today most all hazy modern style hop driven beers contain unmalted wheat, used for head retention, building up the that silky smooth mouthfeel of the beer, and the haze craze. 

Using raw wheat produces beers that are less sweet and full bodied than those made with malted wheat, making raw wheat a better choice for more crisp and refreshing beer styles.



Unmalted wheat has a strong grain flavor,

and a very light straw color.

Flaked wheat is a substitute for raw crushed wheat


No additional mash steps are needed, as single infusion mashes at 64-70C meet the necessary gelatinization temperature of raw wheat.

However due to high beta glucan

and protein content levels in

raw wheat and lack of a grain husk,

we suggest using rice hulls

to assist lautering if used

at more than 20% of the grist load. 

Extract (FGDB)       (%)             >83,5

Color (Wort)          °EBC           4,1

Total Protein           (%)           12,5 < 13,8

Usage                   (%)             55


*Malt specs subject to minor variation on a per batch basis​

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