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Bonsak´s innovation journey continues with the release of a New Fruity Specialty Base Malt.

Frutopia has a solid malt backbone, giving a fullness in body and unique complexity attributed to the fruity aroma and flavors it provides.


Usage rates will vary greatly depending on total grist composition, hopping, yeast selection and desired flavor outcomes in your beer. Test batches are recommended.

100% Natural. No added aromas, chemicals, flavorings or bullshit.


Just 100% Barley, Water, Air, Heat and Time.

Malt Specs

Moisture (%) - 6

Extract (FGDB)(%) - 82,0

Color (wort) - °EBC 5 < 6,5

Total protein (%) - 9 - 10,7

S / T (Kolbach) (%) - 42 - 45

FAN(mg/L) - 291

Diastatic Power -°L 140 < 180

Max fermentability (%) - 78

Usage(%) - 100%*

pH - 5,6

Filtration Time - Normal

Clarity - Clear

sensory descriptors

-Strong body and round residual sweetness

-Fersken uten Fersken

-Mildly acidic complexity

-Masse Fruktighet

-Rounded full body & residual sweetness

More technical details

-Mega robust enzyme package will convert high % unmalted grains

-Little to no DMS reported from boil

-More color with more boil

-Can drop mash water Ph by 1,2

*100% usage is not recommended after test trials though possible in some cases. It is arguably too overpowering and unbalanced. We have found a 60% inclusion with 20% Hopshiner, 20%Rå Ellvis / Flaked Oats / Hvete Pale gave a much smother and more complex contribution to the modern IPA

suggested starting usages

-IPA 5-70%

-Pilsners 3-12%

-Belgian Wit 5-12%

-Belgian Golden Strong 10-50%

-Saison 5-30%

-Sour 5-60%

-Påske øl 5-20%

-NEIPA 10-60%

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