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Move over Maris Otter! Our Robust English style Ale malt delivers superior sensory, depth and complexity with powerful brewhouse performance.


Fully modified and so friable you can crush some with your fingers, it provides 83,6% extract using our low protein Fairytale 2-row spring barley. 


Fairytale Ale produces a clear full bodied malty wort with Biscuity, nutty, definitive toasty flavor attributes.

The kilning process offers freshly baked nutty dark bread aroma.

Fit for British styles, or any other where malt flavor really matters.

fairytale ale

Malt Specifications

Moisture                   (%)             <4

Friability                   (%)             >91

Extract (FGDB)       (%)             >82,5

Color (Wort)          °EBC            6 < 8

Total Protein           (%)             9,9-10,7

S / T                       (%)             39-43

FAN                          (mg/L)         140-170

Diastatic Power       °L             70 > 105

Ph                                         5,8

Filtration time                        Normal

Clarity                                 Clear


*Malt specs subject to minor variation on a per batch basis​

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