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Robust British style ALE malt that delivers superior sensory and brewhouse performance.


Fully modified and so friable you can crush some with your fingers, it provides 83,6% extract using our low protein Fairytale 2-row spring barley. 


Fairytale ALE produces a clear full bodied malty wort with strong caramel, toffee, honey, waffle batter, and super bready like attributes. 

fairytale ale

Malt Specifications

Moisture                   (%)             <4

Friability                   (%)             >91

Extract (FGDB)       (%)             >82,5

Color (Wort)          °EBC            6 < 8

Total Protein           (%)             9,9-10,7

S / T                       (%)             39-43

FAN                          (mg/L)         140-170

Diastatic Power       °L             70 > 105

Ph                                         5,8

Filtration time                        Normal

Clarity                                 Clear


*Malt specs subject to minor variation on a per batch basis​

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