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Let your hop flavors and aromas really shine.


Norwegian commercial brewers that tested Hopshiner pale malt noted it especially highlights citrusy and fruity notes in their hop driven American style IPAs & NEIPAs.


In the words of one professional brewer,

“this malt just made my best selling IPA even better.” 


Hopshiner is light in color at 4 EBC, with a neutral malty flavor and just enough light breadyness and grassiness to make your hops really pop.

Malt Specifications

Moisture                   (%)             <5

Friability                   (%)             >89

Extract (FGDB)       (%)             >82,5

Color (Wort)          °EBC            4 < 5

Total Protein           (%)             9,9-10,7

S / T                       (%)             38-42

FAN                          (mg/L)         150-180

Diastatic Power       °L             >110

Ph                                         5,9

Filtration time                        Normal

Clarity                                 Clear


*Malt specs subject to minor variation on a per batch basis​

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